Innvotec’s objective is to provide attractive investment opportunities for both institutional and retail investors.

Innvotec Global Funds

Had access to tax-efficient investment structures through Innvotec’s EIS/SEIS funds which focus on emerging UK companies, but now can access its Global Funds, although tax reliefs will not apply to investment in non-UK private companies.
Institutional Investors may invest through limited partnerships.

Impact Investments

Impact and Reward

Impact investments are those that are made with the intention of generating a positive, measurable, social, sustainable and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Global Basis

Innvotec examines its funds’ sub sectors on a global basis rather than concentrating solely on the UK, which thereby provides it with a greater pool of opportunities.

Innvotec collaborates with executives, investors, mentors, other financial investors and industry partners to create significant value and to help investment companies to grow from the seed stage to maturity. Each company has unique requirements over its life-cycle.


Innvotec can provide mentors and partners can act as advisory board members, directors or full-time executives – depending on the needs of the company.

Innvotec can assist with managing cash flow, anticipating funding requirements, sales and determining market strategy, marketing, customer contracts, development, prototyping and partner distribution agreements.