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The Innvotec tax-efficient funds have to date been raised and invested alongside Strategic Partners, thereby combining the skills and knowledge of both Innvotec and the Strategic Partner’s own inhouse team. The Strategic Partners expertise can be either general or sector specific.

The typical Innvotec tax-efficient Fund is classed as ‘evergreen’ because it raises investor commitment throughout the year and makes investments on a quarterly basis. This ensures that an investor’s commitment is held for no more than three months before being deployed.








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Innvotec Funds


The focus of all Innvotec-managed Funds, tax-efficient or otherwise, is to create a portfolio of high-value investments that Innvotec can continue to invest in from seed to series B.

Innvotec aims to create well-balanced portfolios, in terms of the targeted time to exit, to ensure that Investors receive a flow of returns typically starting after year three.

Why Invest?

Simple & Transparent

In the world of Venture Capital and Private Equity, Innvotec-managed Funds have proven to be highly innovative whilst combining both simplicity in approach and transparency in performance.

Good Opportunities

Innvotec identifies good opportunities and builds businesses with entrepreneurs around proprietary technology that is ‘cutting edge’ and which addresses demand from markets that are truly global. The Funds provide both institutions and private investors with the opportunity to invest in such businesses.

High-value Companies Building

Innvotec’s objective is to build high-value companies capable of returning to Investors a significant multiple on the cost of each investment made and within a reasonable timeframe.

The overall performance of the recent tax-efficient funds compares favourably against their peer group of Funds as well as the FTSE 100.

Innvotec-managed Funds take a distinctly different approach to investment and value appreciation, compared to most typical UK based capital growth Funds, be they funded by institutions or private investors taking advantage of tax reliefs.

Key Points


The target companies receiving investment from the Funds have already been identified, which means there is less elapsed time between commitment and investment.


Innvotec applies rigorous criteria when selecting technologies in which to seek investment opportunities. Its experience in actively managing and building companies has proven to be a successful formula for both minimising risk and maximising potential returns.


The fee charging and structure of all Funds puts Investors and their interests first.


A performance hurdle only rewards the Fund Manager for delivering real and meaningful returns as opposed to rewarding mediocrity. The Performance Fee cannot be drawn until Investors have received back 130% of their Commitment, before taking into account any tax reliefs in the case of our tax efficient Funds. Performance fees are based on the Fund’s performance and not on a company by company basis.