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JP Jenkins

Matched Bargain Platform

JP Jenkins is the oldest share matching platform for unlisted or unquoted companies which enables shareholders and prospective investors to buy & sell their shares on a matched bargain basis.

  • JP Jenkins Ltd
  • 3rd Floor
  • New Liverpool House 15 Eldon Street
  • London
  • EC2M 7LD
+44 (0) 20 7469 0937
25 years of Experience

JPJ has been providing this exit liquidity solution for over 25 years and its services have been used by some well-known companies from a number of different sectors ranging in size from start-ups to larger corporations -such as Weetabix, NCP, Adnan's along with a number of football clubs including Arsenal, West Ham, Man City and Liverpool FC where hundreds of fans like to buy and sell shares.

Unlisted Securities Market

JPJ's history traces roots back to the Unlisted Securities Market (USM) which was part of the London Stock Exchange prior to being replaced by AIM and other junior markets. While the company has been 'unlocking the unlisted', it has gained unrivalled expertise in the general unquoted private company sector and can offer continued dealing facilities plus visibility for example in companies that have delisted from other Exchanges such as LSE and AIM.

The Growth of New Entities

Furthermore, JPJ is now seeing increasing demand from new entities such as those that have raised finance from Crowd Funders, those that are pre-IPO’s and others via expired EIS Schemes.