Innvotec’s primary focus will continue to be private equity fund management, undertaken at venture capital, early stage and development capital levels. The firm’s management has in depth experience of global investment.

As well as providing funding, a broad range of support is available to investee companies, be that in the appointment of non-executive directors, mentors, sourcing of locum finance directors, strategic advice or commercial introductions. These activities serve to nurture the Innvotec portfolio.

methodology to

identify investment opportunities

The methodology employed to identify investment opportunities is pragmatic rather than formulaic. Common themes include those companies with innovative, patentable technologies, offering high barriers to entry and the prospect of significant global sales. Innvotec also assists in the commercialisation of exciting research and development coming out of world leading universities and institutions. Investment may be made at any stage from inception to mature.

Services & Support

Business Advice

Business advice via our mentorship programme and our management team. Innvotec has access to a global team of mentors with expertise in multiple sectors who can assist companies by taking non-executive board seats.

Support in Fund Raises

Innvotec’s funds provide a source of capital for investee companies at all stages. Innvotec often acts as the Lead investor in fund raising exercises.

Business Services

Business services delivered through the provision of human resources, operations, finance, legal, marketing, technology, programme delivery and business development expertise.


Networking via business and educational contacts, other investee companies and institutional connections.